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The GA Facility currently has one set of eight T-hangars, some of which are on long-term lease and some of which are reserved for transient aircraft.  Future plans are to add more hangar space.

Hangar dimensions are approximately 41 1/2 feet wide by 31 feet deep, with a door height of 11 feet.  The hangars have an inside light and a duplex 120V electrical receptacle.

Long-Term Rental

If you are interested in basing your airplane at our facility and leasing a hangar, see our Instructions and Long-Term Rental Agreement .  The current rental price is $125/month.  We maintain a waiting list which determines the order of assignment of hangars.  To get on the waiting list, or to determine if a hangar is currently available, see the Instructions document.

Transient (Short-Term) Rental

NOTE:  Transient reservations not yet available due to staffing.  Hangar availability is first come, first served.

Transient rental is $20/night for the first four nights, then $10/night thereafter, up to a maximum of $250 in a thirty-day period beginning on the first day of rental. If you hangar just for a day with no overnight stay, that will count as one night. Payment may be made in cash or by credit/debit card.  A personal or business check will be accepted, but no starter checks nor third-party checks..  The registered aircraft owner will be responsible for payment if insufficient payment is not made.

Our transient hangar rental service is intended to serve transient pilots for periods not to exceed 30 days and is not to be used for long-term aircraft storage..  For longer periods, you should consider entering into a long-term hangar rental agreement.  If your transient stay unexpectedly becomes extended by a moderate amount, please contact a member of the Crawford County Airport Board to arrange an extension. If approved, the thirty-first day begins a new thirty-day period at $10/night NTE $250.  

Altough the Crawford County Air Terminal is a civilian facility, all renters should be aware that a background check on any aircraft operating at the Grayling Army Airfield, including its owner and pilot, may be conducted by the airport operator (military) at its discretion.

Since our facility is currently unattended, we have a self-service rental procedure.  In the terminal, you will look for a hangar lockbox that is unlocked, in the room between the lobby and the conference room.  That will correspond to an available hangar.  In the lockbox will be the hangar key, a rental agreement and instructions. Proceed as described in the instructions.

On departure, remove the airplane from the hangar, close the hangar, go to the terminal, open the lockbox, put the key in the lockbox, annotate the rental agreement with your date of departure, place any additional payment in the lockbox, note the payment on the rental agreement, then lock the lockbox.  If paying by credit card, use our flight planning computer or your own computer, and note the amount and Transaction Reference Number on the rental form.  Instructions for credit card payment are posted near the lockboxes, above the flight planning computer, and in the facility notebook on the lobby desk.  Credit card payment instructions are also available on our website here.

The hangars and lockboxes are checked daily.

You can view the transient hangar rental agreement and Rental Instructions by clicking on the highlighted links.

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